Starport Add-ons

The following ship Add-ons are available from most Starports. Availability is dependent on the planet's Tech Level.

Missile Rack

Purchasing a Missile Rack will allow you to carry more missiles. It increases the maximum number of missiles you can carry from 3 to 5.

Large Cargo Bay

Purchasing a Large Cargo Bay will allow you to carry more cargo. It increases the maximum number of cargo you can carry from 25 to 45.

Anti-Missile Unit

An essential item early in the game. When activated during combat, the anti-missile unit will destroy incoming missiles from the enemy, and prevent them from hitting you.

Cargo Scoops

Purchasing Cargo Scoops allows your ship to tractor in loose cargo once an enemy ship has been destroyed. A great way to make extra coin on your journeys. Sometimes the cargo will be quite valuable.

Energy Bomb

Purchasing an Energy Bomb allows you to dispose of an enemy ship instantly during battle. If you think you are not going to last the battle, drop this baby and watch them go boom!

Sector Jump

Purchasing a Sector Jump allows you to instantly jump to another sector instantly. The Sector Jump can be activated from the Sector Map screen. Once you activate the Sector Jump button you will be asked to select which sector you wish to jump to. Once selected, you will jump to a random planet in your chosen sector.

Fuel Bot

The Fuel Bot, once purchased and installed, will automatically go and fetch fuel from the Starport when you land on a planet, and automatically refuel your ship. This saves you the hassle of having to visit the Starport at every stop to refuel your ship manually.

Map Scan

The Map Scan will scan planets in your current sector and display brief information about their Economy and Tech Level immediately on the Sector Map.

The display will  be of the form (Economy, Tech Level) after the planet name.

The Economy is abbreviated as follows:

PA = Poor Agricultural
AA = Average Agricultural
MA = Mainly Agricultural
RA = Rich Agricultural

PI = Poor Industrial
AI = Average Industrial
MI = Mainly Industrial
RI = Rich Industrial

The Tech Level will be a number from 1 to 10. See the Tech Level section in the Bridge Screen for further information on Tech Levels.

Show Upgrades Fitted (Button)

This button displays all the items you currently have installed on your ship.