Start Screen/Settings/Exit

The start screen/settings/exit screen allows you to start a new game, continue a previously saved game, consult the Starband Guide, get and unlock the pro version of the app, and adjust sound and other settings.

New Game (Button)

Tap to start a new game. Currently you can only have one game active at a time.

Continue Game (Button)

Tap to continue your current game. If you do not have a game saved, this button will be disabled.

Settings (Button)

Tap this button to take you to the Settings Screen. The following settings are currently available from the Settings screen:

Background Music

Turn the background and combat music on or off.

Sound Effects

Turn the sound effects (e.g. laser fire, hyperspace sound) on or off.

Button Sounds

Turn the sounds when you press buttons in the game on or off.

Toast Notifications

Turn the small notifier alerts at the bottom of the screen on or off.

Auto Fire

Turn on auto-fire and the ship will automatically fire it's laser for you during combat.

Starting Credits

Select the amount of credits you have when you start a new game. This affects the difficulty of the game - the less credits you have at the start, the harder the game will be.

Difficulty Slider

Slide this to change difficulty level of the game. There are 3 difficulty levels - Easy, Normal and Hard. The difficulty level you choose affects enemy ship's hull strength and fire power.

Rate App/Go Pro (Button)

This button will take you to the google play store where you can rate the app or purchase the unlock key for the Pro version.

Unlock Pro Version (Button)

This button will unlock the Pro version if you have the unlocker app installed. If it finds the unlocker app and is successful in unlocking the Pro version, the button will become disabled and display the text 'Pro Version Unlocked'. If the unlocker app is not installed, it will ask if you wish to go to the google play store to purchase and download the unlocker app.

Save & Exit (Button)

Tap to save your current game and exit the application.

Starband Guide (Button)

Takes you to this guide on the internet (requires an internet connection).