Starport Upgrades

The following ship Upgrades are available from most Starports. Availability is dependent on the planet's Tech Level:

Laser Upgrades

These upgrades increase your fire power.

Laser Cooling System

The laser cooling system ensures smooth and rapid fire in the heat of the battle. Adds +7 to your laser power.

Laser Guide System

The laser guidance system generates a guide beam for greater accuracy and control. Adds +10 to your laser power.

Military Laser

The military laser is the staple weapon of the Confederate Police Force. It has one of the highest attack to power ratios in the 'known' universe. Adds +13 to your laser power.

Engine Upgrades

These upgrades will increase your speed.

Thrust Propellant

The thrust propellant unit injects a steady flow of nitrous oxide into the thrusters fuel flow, creating additional speed. Adds +7 to your speed.

Thrust Stabilizers

Thrust stabilizers ensure tighter control when maneuvering, and enhance quick turning and forward propulsion. Adds +10 to your speed.

Dual Thrusters

Dual thrusters increase the ship's maneuverability by adding an additional propulsion unit. Adds +13 to your speed.

Shield Upgrades

These upgrades will increase your ship's shields.

Shield Power Unit

The shield power unit transfers more power from the ship's main power source to the shields when it's needed the most. Adds +5 to your shields.

Shield Displacer

Shield displacers create a magnetic energy field around the ship, causing the ship's outline to become displaced, and harder to hit. Adds +10 to your shields.

Quantum Shield Unit

The quantum shield unit utilizes quantum physical methods to make the ship harder to penetrate when under attack. Adds +15 to your shields. 

Hull Upgrades

These upgrades will increase your hull strength.

Hull Plating

Hull plating adds a repellant coating to the hull, bearing it slightly more immune to laser attacks. Adds +5 to your hull strength.

Reinforced Hull

The reinforced hull makes hull penetration more difficult when under heavy laser fire. Adds +10 to your hull strength.

Titanium Hull

The titanium hull completely encases the ship's hull in solid titanium, rendering it more impenetrable to normal laser fire. Adds +15 to your hull strength.

Show Upgrades Fitted (Button)

This button displays all the items you currently have installed on your ship.