Planet Info

The Planet Info page shows information on your current planet, or information on the planet you have selected from the Sector Map. Items on this screen are explained below:

Planet Name

Displays the name of the selected planet, along with the planet's image. This image changes depending on the type of Government that planet has.

Corporate State









Displays how many light years you are away from the selected planet. If this is your current planet, the distance will be zero. Your ship can carry a maximum of 10 light years of fuel.


Displays the type of Economy of the planet. The Economy of the planet affects prices in the Marketplace.


Displays the type of Government of the planet. The type of Government dictates how much pirate or police activity you will expect to find there. A planet's description will also indicate the Goverment type, as follows (in order from high police presence to high pirate presence):

Corporate - "the inhabitants live in peaceful comfort"
Democracy - "everything is very well ordered"
Confederacy - "the inhabitants are very well behaved"
Communist - "the inhabitants are rather unhappy"
Dictatorship - "the marketplace is full of illicit activity"
Multi-Government - "there is an ongoing civil war here"
Feudal - "everything is dreadfully disorganised"
Anarchy - "There is chaos on the streets"

Tech Level

Displays the Technology Level of the planet from 1-10. The tech level affects which items the planet will sell at it's Starport. A low tech-level planet will only sell basic upgrades and add ons. A high tech-level planet will sell more advanced items. A planet's description will also indicate the Tech Level, as follows:

Tech Level 1 - "a slum"
Tech Level 2 - "a dump"
Tech Level 3 - "very poor"
Tech Level 4 - "unremarkable"
Tech Level 5 - "clean and inviting"
Tech Level 6 - "very well kept"
Tech Level 7 - "wealthy"
Tech Level 8 - "rich and palatial"
Tech Level 9 - "very advanced"
Tech Level 10 - "incredibly grandiose"


Displays the population of the planet.

Travel to this Location (Button)

Tap this button to leave the current planet and hyperspace to the selected planet. This button will be inactive if you are viewing the planet you are currently on.

Cancel (Button)

Tap this button to cancel this screen and return to the previous screen.