The Mission page is where you can view and accept missions, or reject any current missions you may have started.

Currently you can only have one mission active at a time.

Rejecting a mission after you have accepted it will incur a penalty against your status. If you annoy enough people by doing this you will find other ships will not take too kindly to you.

Currently there are three types of missions:

Encounter Mission

Track down and terminate a randomly generated rogue ship at a randomly determined destination.

Courier Mission

Deliver a certain amount of commodity to a randomly determined destination. The mission-giver will supply the commodity and load it in your hold. You need to ensure you have enough space in your hold before you can accept these types of missions.

Trade Mission

Trade missions are exactly the same as Courier missions except the neccesary materials are not spawned for you, you have to obtain them yourself in any way you see fit. How you get the commodity items is irrelevant to the mission.


The reward in credits is randomly determined, but increases the further away the destination is from your current location.