Starband is a space exploration and trading game loosely based on the classic 1984 computer space game 'Elite'.

The goal, apart from survival, is to amass as much money as possible and make it to Elite status.

Money can be made from trading in commodities between the planets, or from accepting and completing missions or coming across Storyline Encounters.

Money can be spent on upgrading your ship, purchasing add-ons, and purchasing essential items like fuel, missiles, and repairs.

Starband Pro contains over 60 planets for you to traverse across 6 sectors, 12 different upgrades for your ship, 6 different add-ons, lots of discoverable encounters, and a ton of randomly generated missions. There are 6 types of enemy ships (some are passive) and combat is in real-time.

There are hidden encounters and storylines in each sector, can you find them?

Tips for Beginners:

Freighters can prove a real challenge at first, as they have a far superior hull and laser fire. Even though the rewards are great (if you have Cargo Scoops installed), it is best not to take them on until you have upgraded your craft. They are peaceful ships and will not attack unless provoked.

Likewise, encounter missions (which involve terminating other ships) may prove very difficult when first starting out. It might be best to wait a while until your ship has been upgraded before taking on these missions.

Choose your encounters wisely. Often it is best to try and avoid certain encounters altogether.

Use the Flyby button to avoid ships you do not wish to engage.

Don't forget to repair your hull at the Starport if it gets damaged.

Using missiles can strongly influence the battle in your favour.

Try to avoid enemy missiles until you get an anti-missile unit. They can cause great damage.