The Starport is where you can go to refuel your ship, purchase missiles, repair your ship after battle, and purchase ship add-ons and upgrades.

Refuel (Button) 

Tap to refuel your ship. Fuel is used to travel to other planets in the galaxy.

Rearm (Button)

Tap to purchase a single missile for your ship. The maximum number of missiles you can carry at the start of the game is 3. This number can be upgraded in the Starport.

Repairs (Button)

Tap to repair your ship's hull if it has been damaged in battle. The cost of repairs is dependent on the planet and how much damage you have taken in battle.

Add-ons (Button)

Tap to display the current planet's available add-ons and prices.

Upgrades (Button)

Tap to display the current planet's available upgades and prices.