Landing Screen

This is the main landing page when you land at a planet. Your game will start on this screen, docked at the planet Aldebaron in Sector 1. You have the following options available to you when you land at a planet:

Bridge (Button)

This takes you to your ship's bridge where you can view ship and captain data, view ship upgrades and review current quests.

Marketplace (Button)

This takes you to the planet's trading centre where you can buy and sell commodities in order to make a profit.

Starport (Button)

This takes you to the planet's starport where you can refuel your ship, purchase missiles, addons and upgrades.

Planet Info (Button) 

This displays information on the current planet.

Sector Map (Button)

This allows you to view galactic and short-range star maps, view planet information and set your hyperspace course.

Missions/Rumours (Button)

This takes you to the Mission/Rumours screen where you can view and accept missions, and hear about any rumours that may be floating around.

Settings/Exit (Button)

This takes you to the Settings page where you can start a new game, continue from a previously saved game, access the settings menu, go to the google play store to rate the app or purchase the Pro version, access this guide, or exit the app.